Monday, October 18, 2010

Cinematic Titanic & Mystery Science Theater 3000

We went to see Cinematic Titanic, basically a stripped down, live version of MST3K from Comedy Central and got to meet the cast after the performance. The below picture was taken right when I presented Joel Hodgson, creator and original star of MST with his custom bobblehead.

The weekend of Halloween we are heading down to Chiller Theatre, or Chillerama in NJ to meet up with Arch Hall Jr. and sell some custom 'The Sadist' and 'Wild Guitar' themed will be up as soon as we have them...

Arch Hall Jr. at Chiller Theatre

We met Arch Hall Jr. at Chiller Theatre in New Jersey and let him take home his custom bobble head...which he had no idea he was getting. He was a great guy with a good sense of humor. My daughter brought her bobblehead of Arch along and he signed the base...we are meeting up again with him next weekend to sell a few 'The Sadist' and 'Wild Guitar' themed ones for which I will have photos up soon. In the mean time, this is our first encounter with Arch.