Sunday, December 6, 2009

" I got a Fever for more Cowbell!! What better subject for a character study than an actual Character?!! It came to me while watching the 25th Aniversary Saturday NIGHT LIVE dvd. This Christopher Walken bobble head is constructed of resin material. The original was sculpted in a number of mediums. The head is usually sculpted in Super Sculpey and baked hard. The bodies I usually carve in a hard green wax so I don't need an armature. The wax is Ferris File- a- Wax used by lost wax modelmakers. Arms and sometimes feet can make it a nightmare to separate the casting from the rubber mold so they are cut away to be molded separately. Once complete they're molded in RTV rubber. I use a two- part resin system for the finished figure. Cleaning is done at this point and then they're painted. I use as many photos of the person as possible for the color rendering as you can lose the" Character "of the subject if you don't get it just so. You can capture your subject perfectly, but lose it in the painting process. Don't get discouraged!

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